frash beats and floffy chords.


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Beat Freak

Beat Freak

A music obsessive that likes to buy records, dance, get drunk and make music. Often misunderstood by the people around him, Beat Freak likes to sway the trends of today's popular dance music, looking to the underground for his inspiration and drive. Still looking to perfect his sound he strives to make no nonsense music to be enjoyed in the club or in your headphones, whatever the weather, whenever the time.



808 Beats in my sleep

2008 DedPop

  1. 808 Beats in my sleep
  2. Translucent dreams
  3. 808 Beats in my sleep (Sean Eskimo Remix)
  4. 808 Beats in my sleep (Beat Freak Remix)
  5. Talking in my dreams (Bonus track)
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