frash beats and floffy chords.


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Mid-Air AKA Chris Harbach


Los Angeles is one of the most progressive and culturally diverse cities in the world. Somewhere in the mess of 3.8 million people, you might spot Chris Harbach backpacking around the streets late at night.. smiling strangely as he hops from venue to venue, blasting unsuspecting audiences with sonically charged laser beams of sound.




Perspective and Texture [ded012]

2008 DedPop

  1. Perspective and texture
  2. Paper Rock Scissors
  3. A thousand atomic fireballs
  4. Perspective and texture Remix

Tape Loop EP

2008 Mid-Air

  1. Kill Off Murdoch
  2. Tape Loop Dance Party
  3. Irregular Galaxy Dub
  4. Lightest Toys
  5. Happenstance
  6. On Off Song


2007 Mid-Air

  1. Five High
  2. Six O'Clock In California
  3. Microscopic
  4. Glitter
  5. Mirror Mirror
  6. Glass House
  7. Complex Admittance
  8. This is the end
  9. The drawing in of breath
  10. Quik Stick (Tape Check)
  11. The Sparkle and Fade (Pt2)
  12. The Sparkle and Fade (Pt1)
  13. Pee Weather
  14. Tea Party
  15. Quiet Chords from my Guitar
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