frash beats and floffy chords.


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Blue eskimo illustration

Sean Eskimo

Sean Eskimo is a music making buffoon. He spends countless hours making eleborate music which always turns out wrong. He then throws that away and knocks up something else in 5 minutes which turns out to be genius.




Daschön Vs Sean Eskimo

2008 DedPop

  1. Corrugated (Sean Eskimo Remix)
  2. The Proof (Daschön Am.bient Remix)
  3. Corrugated
  4. The Proof

English Breakfast EP

2008 DedPop

  1. Status Update
  2. English Breakfast
  3. Remeber Remember
  4. The R4 Restriction
  5. English Breakfast (Instrumental)

Eskimusic EP

2007 Eskimusic

  1. Pastdancer
  2. The Stranger Thing
  3. Nu Target IV
  4. Melted Rose
  5. January Elektroform
  6. Control

Eskimo Theme / Jammy Toast

2006 Audio Aubergine

  1. Eskimo Theme
  2. Jammy Toast
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